Science Dolls

April 8, 2022

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Amelia Hutchinson

Science dolls

Dolls have been around for a while, and have different purposes. While dolls are typically made for children, they can also be used to check the safety of a vehicle, probe violence, and support survivors.

In this article, we will discuss what science dolls are, which is the most popular doll in the world, and what dolls are made of?

What is a Stem Doll?

STEM is an acronym, and it’s full for is science, technology, engineering, and math. Recently, a toy company released a line of four dolls, which focus on STEM.

Each doll comes with an experiment kit, so kids can feel inspired to learn about mathematics, engineering, science, and technology.

This stem doll line, launched by MGA Entertainment, comes with a kit that can create lava lights, volcanos, blueprint skateboards and glowstick necklaces.

Why are stem dolls so important?

Recently there has been a growing demand for getting girls involved in STEM by MGA Entertainment.

The theory is that the Stem dolls could act as smart and empowered role models for children. In addition to the dolls, a Netflix original series was also released on November 7th, 2015. The show focuses on girls who are inspired by dolls. Here are the best Stem dolls in the market:

Lottie Young Inventor Doll

This doll is inspired and part of the STEAM maker movement. Lottie dolls are perfect for girls aged nine or over. This package comes with several tools such as hammers, wrench, scissors, screw drivers and a tool belt.

This Lottie doll can stand on her two feet and comes with a hard hat, which is useful for scientific experiments.

Lottie Space Doll

Another high-quality doll from Lottie, this doll belongs to the ‘Gold Collection’ and is made in collaboration with the European space agency.

This doll wears a long sleeve t-shirt, has pale blue hands, sturdy brown boots, and comes with a tripod and telescope. This package also contains solar system collectible cards and a spotty scarf.

Lottie Fossil Hunter Doll

This doll comes in beautifully designed clothes and wears an olive-colored vest. This package comes with fossil collecting tools, a baseball cap, a rucksack, cargo shorts, and much more exciting stuff. Lastly, this doll package has special collectable cards.

What is the most popular doll in the world?

The most popular doll in the world is Barbie. The Queen of the doll world has been on top for more than 56 years now and is the no.1 seller in the world. Barbie is a multibillion-dollar princess, an icon of fashion, and a portal into children’s imaginations. Here are the best Barbie dolls in the world:

Ida B.Wells Barbie Women Doll in Blue Dress

This is a collectible Barbie doll that comes with a blue dress that has lace details at the waist, collar and bodice.

This Barbie-inspiring women series pays honors to the activist and journalist for racial and gender equality, Ida B.Wells.

These Barbie dolls, that celebrate Ida B.Wells, are a great gift for children aged six or older.

Barbie Extra Doll in Pink Fluffy Coat

This Barbie doll comes with extra-long hair, streaked with pink and style with hairpins and space buns.

When we talk about fashion, Barbie dolls have a ‘More is more’ type attitude. This set features fifteen pieces of fashion and clothing accessories, as well as pet accessories.

These dolls are perfect for children between the ages of three to nine.

Barbie Happy Birthday Doll

In this doll set, Barbie is dressed for a birthday party in a sparkling look with glittering diamonds and a metallic pink bodice on the skirt.

When you get this doll, say ‘Happy Birthday’ out loud.

On the outside of the package, you can even write the name of the birthday girl. This barbie doll is the perfect birthday gift.

What is the most popular doll Brand in the world?

While their sales have dropped recently, Mattel still states that a Barbie doll is sold every three seconds. Which makes the billion-dollar brand the No.1 doll brand in the world and also the most popular one. Here are some other popular doll brands in the world:

Adora Toys

Adora toys have been in the toy-making business for over twenty years. They make high-quality dolls for young girls, that are durable, creative, and playful. The dolls are also 100 % washable.

Baby Alive

Baby Alive, is a doll brand owned by Hasbro, which is one of the largest toymakers in the world. These dolls come with changing and feeding essentials that are made exclusively for Baby Alive dolls. These dolls are manufactured in China.

Baby Born

The Baby Born dolls were introduced to the market in 1991 and are often considered the most realistic dolls. These dolls can pee, cry, and be comforted by a pacifier. The Baby born dolls definitely get girls excited.

Cabbage Patch Kids

These dolls have been around since the 1980s, and are popular for their unique appearance. Cabbage patch kids dolls come in different sizes with different color, skin and hair.

What are Dolls made of?

Dolls have evolved over the centuries from idols in ceremonies to toys for children. Dolls are also highly prized collectible items. In the United States, doll collecting has become the 2nd largest adult hobby.

Initially, dolls were made of materials such as wood and wax. These dolls were popular until the end of the 19th century.

By the 18th century, dolls were being made from plastic of Paris. In the 19th century, doll heads were made in China, and doll makers were looking for unbreakable materials.

A substance called Gutta-percha was also used to make dolls in the 19th century. Later on metal and celluloid were used as materials for dolls.

Lastly, a few years after the 2nd World War ended, plastic became a common material for dolls. Today, most dolls, including Barbie, are made of plastic.




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